Purchase a new John Deere, Kobelco, Kawasaki, Bell or Hyundai and take advantage of the manufacturer installed telematic system. From basic GPS location services to elaborate diagnostic and remote troubleshooting capabilities, these systems offer you improved productivity. For more information or to renew your current subscription, please submit the Telematics Inquiry Form below or contact Barry Shames, 732-446-7600 X107,

Introducing SolarTrak:

Stand alone fleet management system sold at Harter Equipment:

SolarTrak is an internet-based, low-cost fleet management system that uses GPS and telemetry to track, monitor and manage equipment in the field.

  • Maximize use of your fleet
  • Locate equipment using GPS
  • Track engine hours
  • Get maintenance reminders
  • Monitor battery levels
  • Get alerts if a unit moves

For more information:

Barry Shames, 732-446-7600 X107,